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On our site you can play the most exciting Angry Birds games of different genres: shooter, arcade, racing, puzzles, coloring books. The popularity of these seemingly harmless Angry Birds has already conquered the hearts and captured the souls of many who want to play online with these wonderful characters. Any interested observer, the player admires the reaction of bright birds, involved in a frantic race with them and fight hard. Action with them – a good science in the protection from the enemy. Develop cunning strategies to neutralize the combat Ptah - also not in last place. The birds often blamed for strange rage and intolerance of aggression, which at first glance does not tally with these colorful flyers. And in fact, nothing like Angy Birds would not have a relatively pigs. But the green pigs are forcing Ptah to go on the warpath. Too often dumb fans of bird eggs ruin the cute nests. The bird remains nothing how to join in a kind of resistance and to repel gluttons with green face. Such exciting militant online games are created for a reason. Children fighting, are trained in understanding the importance of the ability of protection from attacking enemies. Not to succumb to them and to protect their territory and to keep their rights. Perhaps this was the reason for the infinite love of the kids and teenagers for such games. They are happy to adopt military experiences with the fearless birds. Learn how to resist and to develop accurate trajectory. And even then there will be no mercy for anyone: neither crafty green pigs, nor frightening mess of zombies. You can find entertainment with their favorite birds for any taste and age. For active children with a rich imagination, for those who are willing to chase the enemy, shoot without stopping, there are arcade games, shooting games, and amazing race. Loving the measured and leisurely puzzle games with your favorite heroes for impressionable kids – coloring pages for kids. For those who like to compete and prefers to play group or with a friend – there are perfect gameplay for two. Angy Birds not only will not miss no case, but will be prudent in battle, when it is to be accurate and rapid. And when to be patient and focused.